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Whatever part of the HR function you would like help with, our experienced HR professionals are here to help. We develop a wide range of courses which are unique, based upon your training needs and delivered by one of our experienced and expert trainers

HR Management for Non-HR Managers

This training has been developed for managers who handle the management of staff that do have formal training or certification in Human Resource Management. The training covers the basics of the Kenyan labour laws, HR correspondence, discipline issues like when and how to issue warning letters as well as proper employee contracting so that the managers make decisions that do not put the company in jeopardy.

Internal Customer Service

Outstanding customer care, whether internal or external, is simply good business and providing excellent service to external customers is dependent upon effective internal customer service. Our activities help management and staff understand the importance of excellent communication and a shared vision to enable everyone to work cooperatively and productively together to achieve common goals. 

Marketing Techniques

Developed for the sales force of an Organization, this training ensures that a salesperson has skills in identifying the target market, cold-calling skills, planning the first meeting with the client, pitching and subsequently closing the sale.

Career Development & CV Writing Skills

This training is developed for job seekers to optimize their chances of being considered and hired for positions that are well-suited to their qualifications and interests. The training course covers honing your resume writing skills, providing you with tools to create an impressive resume or to improve the one you already have, developing an effective cover letter. You will undertake a critical assessment of the professional skills you already possess, brainstorm and apply the best ways to market these skills in your resume and cover letters making you more competitive for the job you seek. 

How our training works

Need other training courses?

We can develop customized workforce training modules and structure them according to your specific needs. We can also conduct a needs analysis session and recommend training based on gaps identified. Contact us to see how we can empower your workforce for more productivity in your company.

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