Since 2013 Blume Africa has been providing Professional HR Services to small businesses across Kenya. We started small ourselves, just a few people in a room. So, although we’ve grown over the years, our values remain the same.

For a small business to ensure compliance and manage employees professionally, it can seem like an impossible task without the right help. But the cost of having an HR professional on staff is too high for most small businesses.

That’s where Blume Africa comes in. With us on your side it’s like having your own HR team at a fraction of the cost.

All of which means more peace of mind for you, and more time for you to concentrate on what you do best: growing your business.

Managed recruitment   and   retention  of productive staff

Match staff costs to productivity

Continuously strive to ensure adherence to the ever-changing employment laws

An outsourcing firm with extensive experience,  a tried and tested business model as well as high-quality consistent service delivery.

BLUMEAfrica will ensure that your company has HR support throughout. Your company will always have a backup HR Officer so there are no gaps in information or control.

We have also invested in a comprehensive HR system that will collect relevant data and send you reports at the end of every month.

Your company’s liabilities to Blume staff are limited to the contract. You will not incur any expense such as NSSF, NHIF or PAYE or WIBA.

The Blume Africa model is flexible and will seamlessly fit into your system of working without too much disruption of service.

Your company will also have access to our other consultants on issues such as Research, Recruitment, Job Evaluations, Job Analysis and Legal.




We go above and beyond what is expected of us


We are big on processes; documentation, reporting


We are problem solvers, well trained & innovative



The HR outsourcing service from Blume Africa gives you the chance to focus on what matters most—the job in hand—with the added security that your business is compliant with the latest legislation.

We give you an invaluable opportunity to have a dedicated HR department without the spiralling expense of recruiting one in-house.

Instead, for a fixed investment with no hidden surprises—guaranteed—Blume Africa acts as your dedicated HR department, offering advice and support tailored to your specific business needs.



In an era where the economy is becoming more prominent and businesses are always looking for new ways to operate as lean as possible, outsourcing some of your business functions make sense – with human resources near the top of the list.

Let us take the burden of HR related matters in the hands of the HR experts. We offer HR Consulting to help protect your human resource interests and ensure compliance.



Improving skills helps people to get better results and that usually results in higher levels of job satisfaction. When people enjoy their work they feel valued and tend to stay with their employer longer.

As you know, recruitment is an expensive and time-consuming process and it can take months before new recruits get up to speed so, staff training existing staff is usually an excellent investment.

You can have training programmes developed specifically to meet your objectives in a range of subject areas.

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